The MREB website has some user documentation on how to get started creating an application, the more advanced features, and some quick guides to various specific applications like submitting, responding to comments, collaborating or sharing your applications.

Click this link for the MREB website < Here >.

On MacREM researchers will be asked to convert all documents to PDF format for uploading. McMaster University has a software license with Microsoft Office 360 which is free to use. Converting Microsoft documents to PDF should be no problem. There are free online tools to convert documents to PDF and Adobe has a free 7 day trial of Adobe Acrobat. If you experiencing difficulties uploading documents to PDF format, please contact the Ethics Office.

If you have any questions about the technical aspects of the online system contact the Research Ethics Office staff at ext. 23142 or 26117.

The FAQ section in the Help menu above may also help answer any questions.

What to do when you see the Update Warning on your application. 


  1. Ask for help anytime!
  2. Make sure you login with MacID before you can sign or receive a request to sign
  3. Share your application with your supervisor or other team members
  4. Finalize your Word document appendices by email before uploading/downloading on MacREM
  5. Convert final appendices to PDF before uploading to submit the application
  6. Your application needs to be cleared first before you can create sub-forms like amendments, for information only, annual reports, etc.
  7. You can share comments with your team on the application visible only to your team. Look for the zero in a bubble above a question.
  8. You know your supervised signed when you receive an email confirmation. If not, follow up again with the Supervisor.
  9. Follow the instructions on how to respond to the MREB chair
  10. Make an appointment for help with your application